We work at the intersection of agricultural and environmental concerns to meet the changing water use demands across the West.

We believe in bringing all parties to the table to find proactive solution to meet the water use challenges facing our farmers, our ranchers, AND native fish populations. Our engineers are committed to preserving the character and livelihood of agricultural communities while also protecting and enhancing healthy aquatic environments and fish populations.

Canal to Pipeline Irrigation Conversions

As the West’s rural communities experience unprecedented growth, the need for wider roads to carry increased traffic volumes is often at odds with existing irrigation systems. Our Water Resources Team has helped many communities address the challenges posed by irrigation canals next to major county roads. Our engineers have experience in irrigation system design for open channel, gravity pipeline, canal to pipeline, and pressure pipeline applications.

Open Channel and Pipeline Modeling

We software like ArcGIS, WaterGEMS, SRH-2D, and HEC-RAS to model during both planning and design. Our engineers use both open-source data as well as hydraulic survey data collected by our survey teams in their modeling.

Gary A., Senior Water Resource Engineer

Floodplain Development Permitting

When your project is situated in or near a floodplain, there are many factors that can put your project or the community at risk of flooding. Our Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) have experience assessing flood risk, and working with local floodplain managers, state regulators, and FEMA to mitigate those risks. Let us help you with your floodplain risk assessment and permitting needs, including local floodplain development permitting, FEMA permitting, Letters of Map Revision (LOMR), Conditional LOMR’s, and No-Rise certifications.

Ron M., Hydraulics Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager