From recreational sites to historical renovations and beyond, our structural engineers bring your infrastructure vision to life.

Historical renovations

The rehabilitation of an existing building is often more complicated than designing a new one. Any renovation can uncover surprises, and this is particularly true when renovating a historical structure. Even the best designs can run into issues caused by inconsistent or missing original plans, hidden damage, undocumented repairs, and other complexities inherent with older buildings. Our team understands the gotchas renovation projects can encounter. We work with our clients to respond nimbly and adapt appropriately.

Recreational site facilities

Well thought out recreation sites are a joy to visit and enhance the use of our nation’s public lands. We have partnered with private and public entities like the USFS, BLM, and BOR to develop and improve sites from campgrounds to lakeshores. Services include: solar energy systems, septic systems, restrooms and showers, ADA compliant access, boat ramps and docks, erosion control protection, parking lot improvements, and shoreline restorations.

Public use trails

Over the years we have designed many trails for hiking, equestrian, snowmobile, or ATV use. Our team provides all facets of a trail system design, including gravel or paved surfacing, bridges, retaining walls, culverts, railing, ADA compliance, erosion control protection, and revegetation.

Rehabilitation and new construction of administrative and operational facilities

Forsgren’s team provides extensive building expertise with particular emphasis on the design of administrative, operational and firefighting facilities for federal, state, and local government entities. A key component that often exists when modifying a building is determining what to do with the building occupants or stored equipment, goods, or materials. Our team’s knowledge that this is an important issue ensures that operational needs will be addressed in the concept planning stage of the design and incorporated into the design as it progresses.

Kevin H., Rexburg Division Manager. When not engineering you can find him farming Idaho’s famous potatoes!