Construction is messy. We all know that. But the end result looks good and works better.

We are here to help you through that mess!

How We Manage Construction Mess

Quality Review

Whether the project was designed in-house or by another firm, we begin with a thorough review of specifications and drawings. This way, we eliminate ambiguities early that can lead to contractor overruns.

Bidding Services

We manage pre-construction bidding services, so you don’t have to. We hold pre-bid and pre-construction meeting with contractors to make sure a qualified contractor is selected — one who knows the project and can do the job.

Client, Contractor and Public Coordination

We help our clients avoid ‘that’ phone call! When the public isn’t involved in the why and the how of a project, upsets happen, and angry calls abound. We bring together clients, contractors and the public to coordinate outages and delays, communicate construction impacts and inform citizens.

Our Construction Services Include:

  • Bidding services
  • Submittal reviews & approval
  • Public involvement
  • Pay request and change order review and processing
  • Construction inspection and observations
  • Construction material testing
  • Coordination with funding agency & funding requirements
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