Contract Administration

We provide exceptional construction administration services. Our team includes former contractors who understand the construction process, proper evaluation of pay requests, safety programs, conflict resolution, technical issue resolution, quality control programs, and project closeout.

We know from experience that the solution to a construction problem, when addressed early, is often not monetary. We also know that such problems, when not immediately addressed, can grow in magnitude and cost to the owner. We provide regular and ongoing budget forecasting throughout construction. Frequent budget forecasting results in tighter cost control and allows the owner to make informed decisions when construction problems or scope modification questions arise.

Schedule compliance is an early indicator of the budgetary and liability health of a construction project. Tight schedule tracking allows the construction team to anticipate and address problems early and keep the owner informed. Schedule control includes having tracking protocols in place for Requests of Information responses, submittals, and all correspondence to be reviewed at each construction meeting. Forsgren is experienced with fast-track and design-build schedules and we have successfully completed a variety of projects with cold weather construction.